Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2-1 District Loss @ Z. East

Thanks for a GREAT season of even GREATER memories, guys! Proud to have been your coach. Keep those chins up. Go Hawkeyes!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The District Tournament is Here!

Well, everyone, saddle up. All eyes on Zeeland East! Let's go.

Here's the tentative schedule for the upcoming week:

**Monday: 3-5 PM training...wear black...TEAM DINNER AT CHRISTIAN'S (5:30 PM)
**Tuesday: game @ Z. East (6 PM)...meet in my classroom by 4 PM...bring your own pre-game meal...bus leaves at 4:45...wear gray training shirt.
**Wednesday (if applicable): 3-5 training on the turf...wear black.
**Thursday (if applicable): game @ H.C. (5 PM) vs. ????...more details to follow...wear gray.
**Friday (if applicable): 3-5 training on the turf...wear black.
**Saturday (if applicable): District Championship game @ H.C. (noon) vs. ???...more details to follow.

Can't wait to see us truly turn into a "great" team this week, boys!

Go Hawkeyes!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

3-0 Loss vs. Unity

Thanks for leading the way this season for us, seniors! Your collective contributions are invaluable. Go Hawkeyes! On to the playoffs....:)

Monday, October 9, 2017

2-2 Tie @ Z. East

Boys, super proud of that overall gritty effort tonight...especially that last minute. Man, what an interesting finish!   Last home game of the season coming up...under the lights...honoring seniors...against Unity...can't get any better. Go Hawkeyes!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Last Regular Season Week!

Hawkeye family, let's do what Hamilton soccer is known for this coming week: FINISH STRONG(ER)!

Here's the tentative schedule for the upcoming week:

**Monday: game @ Z. East...WEAR BLACK JERSEYS IN SCHOOL...meet in my room at 3:15 PM...Kyle = meal/vid...gray shirt.
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM training (turf)...wear black...Team Dinner at Hukill's (5:30 PM).
**Wednesday: home game/Senior and Senior Parent Night vs. Unity (JV = 5 PM/Varsity = 645 PM...on turf field)...meet in my classroom at 4 PM...Anthony = team meal...Nolan/Logan = ball boys...gray shirt. 
**Thursday: 3-5 PM training...wear black...Volleyball game attendance to follow at 6 PM!
**Friday: 3-5 PM training...wear gray.

Looking ahead:
**Monday, Oct. 16: 3-5 PM training...wear black...TEAM DINNER OF SOME SORT TO FOLLOW?
**Tuesday, Oct. 17: Quarterfinal District Game @ Z. East (6 PM)....meet in my room at 4 PM....bus leaves @ 4:45 PM...more details to come!

Simply cannot wait...       Make the most of this opportunity to end this season in a "GREAT" way, Hawkeyes!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

2-2 Tie vs. Z. West

As mentioned after the game, guys, the true importance of today was the entire Hamilton soccer community coming together and celebrating with each other. The final result of our game is disappointing, yes. But nonetheless, kudos for a thriving Hamilton Soccer Community! Thanks for being a part of it all! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

2-1 Win @ Wayland

Many lessons to be learned tonight, boys, and mostly in the "keep-your-head/rise-above-it" department. On to the next one!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Upcoming Week!

Can't wait for another week of progress towards "great", all!  Keep working...:)

Here's the tentative schedule for the upcoming (Homecoming) week:

**Monday: game at Wayland (Varsity only)...wear warm-up jacket in school (black training shirt for game)...meet in my room by 4:30 PM...Noah = food...bus leaves at 5:15 PM...game time = 6: 45 PM (Address: 701 Wildcat Drive Wayland, MI 49348).
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM training...wear gray.
**Wednesday: home game vs. Z. West (Hamilton Youth Soccer Night!)...meet in my room by 3 PM...wear black...Spencer = meal/vid...Dylan/Christian = ball boys.
**Thursday: 3-5 PM training on turf field...wear gray.
**Friday: Homecoming Parade...no practice...further details pending!

Hamilton soccer "finishes strong"...and will continue to do so. Go Hawkeyes!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

1-0 Win @ Byron Center

A win is a win is a win is a win! Onward and upward, boys...:)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Upcoming Week!

Happy weekend, all! Hope all is well in the soccer fam.

Can't wait to spend another full week with all you boys on our continued upward journey this season!

Time is ticking....

Here's the tentative schedule for the upcoming week:

**Monday: game @ Byron Center...wear black jerseys in school...meet in my at 3:30...bus leaves at 4:15...Dereck = team meal/vid....wear official gray for warmup...will be another hot day! BUS RIDE HOME = OPTIONAL.
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM training...wear black.  DISTRICT DRAW WILL BE ANNOUNCED!
**Wednesday: home game vs. Holland Christian...meet in my room by 3 PM...Nick = team meal/vid...Dereck/George = ball boys...wear gray.
**Thursday: 3-5 PM training...wear black....VOLLEYBALL GAME OPPORTUNITY??
**Friday: 3-5 PM training...wear gray...GRADE CHECK!

Time (and opportunity) is of the essence, guys. As already mentioned, Hamilton soccer has been known to FINISH STRONG each season. We will follow suit! Still LOTS to prove...:)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1-0 Loss @ Holland

It's a step in the right directions, boys! BUT....we are NOT satisfied. See ya tomorrow!

Monday, September 18, 2017

6-0 Loss @ Unity

As mentioned after the game, fellas, we were not the better team TONIGHT.  But again, the beauty of soccer is that all we have to do is be the better team on the given day of a match against whichever team we are playing. We'll saddle back up and try that approach on Wednesday at Holland...after getting better during training tomorrow on the turf. Keep the faith, and Go Hawkeyes!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Upcoming Week

Saddle up, boys! Time to rise up to a challenging week ahead, yes?? Can't wait to see it and help along the way. Winning mindsets all around!

Here goes with the tentative schedule for the upcoming week:

**Monday: game @ Unity...DRESS UP in school...bus leaves at 3:45 PM...meet in my classroom at 3 PM (vote on puzzle pieces/Dirty Shirt from last week)...wear black training tops...Dylan = meal/vid.
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM training...wear gray.
**Wednesday: game @ Holland...bus leaves at 4 PM...meet in my classroom at 3:15 PM...wear black....George = meal/vid.
**Thursday: 3-5 PM training...wear gray.
**Friday: 3-430 training (with MS teams)...wear black.

Max effort, discipline, attention to detail, organization, belief, and team spirit this week, boys...with a bit of magic mixed in! Go Hawkeyes! 

3-0 Win @ Hopkins

Time for another shot at the "adult table" next week, boys! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2-0 Win vs. Z. East

Nice job of taking care of business tonight, boys. The question continually remains: are we GOOD or are we GREAT?!! Next up is Hopkins. Go Hawkeyes!

Monday, September 11, 2017

3-0 Win @ Z. West

Way to start the week off in the right way, guys! Proud of your overall effort tonight in many regards. Let's keep this ball rollin' this week and keep working for the "sweep"!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Upcoming Week!

Hello, soccer family! Here we are after a solid first week of academics and athletics. Hope you are well!

Big week coming up here yet again with 3 games on the slate...Monday/Wednesday/Friday...no rest for the weary!

Here are the upcoming week's highlights:

**Monday: game @ Z. West..."dress up" in school...meet in my room at 3:30...bus leaves at 4:15...Nolan = meal/vid...wear gray.
**Tuesday: training 3-5 PM...wear black...optional volleyball game attendance @ 6 PM (wear Hamilton soccer gear).
**Wednesday: home game vs. Z. East...meet in my room at 3 PM...Noah/Nick = ball boys...Logan = team meal/vid....wear gray.
**Thursday: training 3-5 PM...wear black...Team Dinner at Klanderman's @ 5:30 PM.
**Friday: game @ Hopkins...bus leaves @ 2:45 PM (we play first at 4 PM)...Christian = team meal (on bus)/vid...wear gray.

Let's get after it this week, boys, and do some damage! Huge week in terms of hopefully gaining momentum!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1-0 Win @ Fennville

Way to gut it out tonight, boys. All things considering, a win is a win...and proud of you all for the overall effort. Let's get better in training the next two days!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3-0 Loss @ Holland Christian

As mentioned after the match, there were some positive team aspects to build upon for us Hawkeyes from here on out, guys. Keep the faith...and beat Fennville!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Upcoming Week!

First, I hope it's been a great holiday weekend for all involved thus far! Second, let's get this school year started off in a GREAT way this coming Tuesday, guys--a productive first day in the classroom(s) and then hopefully an historic win over H.C. in the evening in enemy territory...yes???? Let's do it!

Here's the planned schedule for this upcoming week:

**Monday (Labor Day): training 5-7 PM on the turf...wear black.
**Tuesday: game at Holland Christian...what to wear in school = TBD...gray training shirts for game...meet in my room @4 PM...bus leaves @ 4:45 PM...Shelton = meal/vid.
**Wednesday: game at Fennville...what to wear in school = TBD...black shirt...meet in my room @ 3 PM...bus leaves @3:45 PM...Brady = team meal/vid.
**Thursday: training 3-5 PM...wear gray.
**Friday: training 3-5 PM...wear black.
**Looking ahead: Team Dinner #2 @ Team Klanderman Thursday, Sept. 14 after training!

Looking forward to a rewarding week coming up in multiple ways. Go Hawkeyes! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

2-1 Win vs. Byron Center

Let's make halftime of the B. Center game a true TURNING POINT of the season, guys! Onward and upward. :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

5-0 Loss vs. Holland

We continue to search for that certain "mojo" to crack the "top 3"! Back to work...keep the faith...stay positive.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Upcoming Week!

OK Green Conference, here we come!

Big week...for multiple reasons: getting our minds right for the upcoming start of the school year, Holland, Byron Center, puzzle pieces, Dirty Shirt effort, living up to our "one word" on a daily basis, being top 10 guys, playing to our POTENTIAL, etc.  Let's do this!

Here goes with the tentative schedule for the upcoming week:

**Monday: home game vs. Holland...meet in my room no later than 3 PM...wear official gray...Mikah = meal/vid...Anthony/Merrill = ball boys.
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM training...wear black.
**Wednesday: home game vs. Byron Center...my room by 3 PM...wear official gray...Bryce = meal/vid...Kyle/Spencer = ball boys.
**Thursday: 3-5 PM training...wear black.
**Friday: 10-noon training...wear gray.
**Monday, Sept. 4 (LABOR DAY): 5-7 PM required training (planning for turf field with an away game at Holland Christian on their turf the next day...stay tuned as we have to work it out with football)...wear black.

Note: players and family members, if you haven't already in the past and would like to now, please feel free to sign up for free text reminders during the course of this season by texting the message "@jvvarsity" to the phone number 81010!

Looking forward to another week with the Hamilton Boys Soccer Family! Go Hawkeyes!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

2-2 Tie vs. Allegan

Glass half full: we are undefeated on the season!

That said, we can and NEED to get better...especially with tough OK Green action on the horizon.

Let's get back to work tomorrow! :)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Upcoming Week!

Here goes with the tentative schedule for this coming week, all!

**Monday: 9-11 AM training on the turf field...practice shed guys, you'll have to get there extra early in order to get necessary items (balls, etc.) over to the stadium with plenty of time before practice starts...wear black. (Note: will talk "Dirty Shirt" award, puzzle piece, and DeVos Hospital first thing...plus will hear Will sing at some point!).
**Wednesday: 10-noon training on the turf field...wear black.
**Thursday: home game vs. Allegan on the turf field (Community Festival to follow...more details to come)...meet in my classroom no later than 1 PM...wear gray...Will = pregame meal.
**Friday: 10-noon training on the grass practice field.

Big week, boys, especially after a bit of a sour taste left regarding the Black River game!

Good to great...effort always...keep in mind your "one word" as well! Go Hawkeyes!

Friday, August 18, 2017

2-2 Tie vs. Black River

Keep those heads held high, boys. Today was simply the first step of MANY steps of the season. Lessons learned throughout, yes? And hopefully tonight's overall result is put into perspective considering what we all were there to do before the game even started: honor a fallen Hamilton Hawkeye soccer hero! There are more important things in life!

See you tomorrow, and Go Hawkeyes!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Upcoming Week!

Varsity fam,

Here goes with the tentative schedule for this upcoming week:

**Monday: 9-noon training (will be receiving team gear at the tail end of training...$40 due from each player for training shirts/game socks asap...checks made payable to Hamilton High School...or cash).
**Tuesday: 4 PM concussion testing in room 411 in the high school with our new trainer...5 PM team pictures on the game field...6 PM scrimmage vs. Plainwell on our game field....wear home white uniforms and black team shirts.
**Wednesday: 9-noon training...NO PM Volunteer work as previously scheduled. Varsity will be doing a different service project instead...more details to come.
**Thursday: 9-noon training...required team dinner for the boys at the Robinson house (17113 Lakeview Avenue in north Holland)...5-7 PM.
**Friday: home game vs. Black River @ 530 PM (Varsity)...meet in my classroom by 3 PM for pregame meal, etc....more details to come.
**(Potentially) Saturday: team outing at Jacob Merrill's grandparents' home in Allegan...more details to come.

Looking ahead: Tuesday, Aug. 22 will be our Parent Meeting at 7 PM in my classroom!  Thursday, Aug. 24 new turf field home game vs. Allegan at 3 PM!

Note: stay tuned for the team meal schedule, ball boy/vid schedule, concession stand schedule from Dawn Hukill, online extra Hawkeye apparel order options, buddy list for the boys, online hudl items for the boys, etc.

Can't wait for Monday to continue this journey! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

End-of-Season Soccer Dessert Banquet

It's official!

You and your family are cordially invited to the annual JV/Varsity boys soccer dessert banquet:

**Why: to celebrate a successful season together
**When: Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 6:30 PM
**Where: high school cafeteria
**Who: all JV and Varsity players and families
**What to bring: a dessert to pass, utensils, and your own beverages
**What to wear: for players, look sharp! :)

Hope you can make it, and thanks for all you've done to make this a great season, everyone!

PS. Friendly reminder to all Varsity players that we'll meet in my classroom immediately after school tomorrow (Thursday) for our last team meeting for about 45 minutes. PLEASE BRING ALL CLEAN HAMILTON SOCCER ITEMS TO TURN IN!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2-0 Loss at Plainwell

No love lost, boys! Super proud of you for this season's body of work.

You all have MUCH to be proud of. Thank you for your overall collective efforts, everyone!

The future of Hamilton boys soccer is BRIGHT largely thanks to all of you! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Playoff Time!

An exciting time for the Hamilton soccer program is upon us!

It's post-season time, and I truly believe we are READY for this. We've been on a bit of a positive roll as a team as of late, and I am really liking the narrative that we've created for ourselves on the doorstep of Districts.

We've got quite the chance to make some continued noise, Hawkeyes! Believe it and then do it!

Here's the tentative schedule for this upcoming weekend/week:

**Sunday: optional, informal training (family/friends are welcome!) at Hope from noon to 3 PM. 
**Monday: meet in my classroom at 4 PM for a team meeting...caravan to Hope for 5-7 training (wear gray)...7-8 PM team dinner at Carino's ( each player, please bring $13 cash).
 **Tuesday: game at Plainwell (5:30 PM)...meet in my classroom directly after school...George = team meal at 2:45 PM...bus leaves at 3:30 PM. What to wear in school = TBD...wear black for game.
**Wednesday: to be determined
**Thursday: District Semi @ Otsego vs. ??? (7 PM).
**Friday: to be determined
**Saturday: District Final @ Otsego vs. ??? (5 PM). 

Notes: (1) Congrats to Jared as his teammates chose him as this coming week's alternate captain! (2) Please take note of your newest "soccer responsibilities" for this upcoming week! (3) Keep in mind that one of our team goals is to make it as far if not farther in the post-season than last season! :)


Can't wait....:)  GO HAWKEYES!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1-0 Win vs. Z. East


Super proud of you, boys...job well done.

But we are NOT done...

Plainwell and beyond...:)

Monday, October 10, 2016

1-0 Win @ Z. West

2 down, 1 to go.   WIN OUT!!

Zeeland East is next. FINISH STRONG!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Upcoming Week and a Half!

Greetings, all! What a beautiful fall weekend already. Enjoy!

The last week of the regular season and Districts are upon us. My, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were all climbing up and running down sand dunes at Lake Michigan. :)

Simply put, FINISH STRONG, BOYS! In all facets...

Here goes with the upcoming schedule:

**Sunday: optional, informal training??
**Monday: game @ Zeeland West..."dress up" in school...black training top otherwise...meet in my room after school...Mikah = team meal/vid...bus leaves at 4 PM.
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM training...wear gray...TEAM DINNER AT NICO'S AT 5:30 PM.
**Wednesday: home game vs. Zeeland East (PARENT NIGHT...PARENTS, PLEASE SHOW UP AT ABOUT 5:20 PM)...what to wear in school = TBD...meet in my room after school...Bryce = food/vid...Noah/Dylan = ball boys...wear black.
**Thursday: 4:30-6:30 PM training AT HOPE...wear gray.
**Friday: 3-4:45 PM training AT HAMILTON...wear black.
**Sunday, Oct. 16: optional team training AT HOPE from noon-3 PM.
**Monday, Oct. 17: 5-7 PM training AT HOPE...wear gray...TEAM DINNER AT CARINO'S TO FOLLOW!
**Tuesday, Oct. 18: District game at Plainwell (5:30 PM)......meet in my room after school...George = team meal...bus leaves at 3:30 PM. More details to come!

Notes: (1) Congrats to Logan Hilldore for again having been voted by his peers as this coming week's alternate captain. (2) Be prepared for your new set of "soccer responsibilities" this coming week, boys! (3) Zeeland West Sept. 14 footage is available on Hudl for you to view and learn from...as is Plainwell vs. Edwardsburg from last week! (4) Thanks for being flexible with the change in training schedule for Districts prep, everyone!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

3-0 Loss @ H.C./2-0 Win vs. Hopkins

Finish strong, boys!

Unofficial team goal with one week of the regular season remaining: WIN OUT!

One down, two to go...

We can do it! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Upcoming Week

Hello, all!

Whew, what a week this past one has been. It was a great one overall nonetheless! As a team, I truly believe that we took a couple more steps forward, and that's a great thing to observe. We are NOT done building though, guys! More to come....:)

Here's the tentative schedule for the week:

**Monday: game @ H.Christian...meet in my room by 3 PM...bus leaves at 4:45 PM (5:30 PM JV start...Varsity at 7:15 PM)...wear black training top...Logan = meal/vid.
**Tuesday: 3-5 practice...wear gray.
**Wednesday: NIGHT OF NETS home game vs. Hopkins (5 PM...Varsity only)...wear Night of Nets shirts in school/for warm-ups...meet in my classroom directly after school...Ryan = team meal.
**Thursday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black.
**Friday: 3-5 PM practice...wear gray.

Notes: (1) Congrats to Nolan Dowker for having been named by his peers as this coming week's alternate team captain! (2) Please prepare accordingly for your next "soccer responsibilities" for this coming week. (3) We have one puzzle piece on the line this coming week! (4) Check out Sept. 8 hudl footage of our first battle with H.C.! (5) Our first GRADE CHECK will occur this coming Monday! Take care of the classroom(s)! :)

Friday, September 30, 2016

5-2 Win vs. Otsego


You've now equaled last year's win total, surpassed last year's total goals scored, and achieved a .500 overall record what with this last victory over Otsego. Kudos!

But there needs to be more where that came from, yes?!

Keep building! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3-1 Win vs. Byron Center


And we keep building...

On to Otsego! :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

6-0 Loss to Holland

Keep fightin' the good fight, boys!

And keep building....:)

We CAN and WILL continue to get better!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Upcoming Week

Weekend greetings, all! Hope it's a great one for you and yours!

What a jam-packed, exciting week we have coming up here; continued chances to showcase our program's core values--"student" before athlete, character, hard work, and mental/physical toughness. I'm really excited to be a part of the special something we've got going here, and I can't wait to see handle successfully the challenges of this upcoming week and beyond!

So here goes with the tentative schedule for Homecoming week:

**Sunday: optional team training??
**Monday: home game vs. Holland..."Crayon Day" in the HS...meet in my room by 3 PM...wear gray...Will = team meal/video...Henry/Ross = ball boys. Weather is looking to be windy, rainy, and mid-60's! FYI! :)
**Tuesday: "Twin Day" in the HS...3-5 PM practice...wear black.
**Wednesday; home game vs. Byron Center..."'Merica Day" in the HS...meet in my room by 3 PM...wear gray...Jacob M. = team meal/video...Jared/Jacob S. = ball boys.
**Thursday: (Varsity only) home game vs. Otsego (at 5 PM)..."Tacky Tourist Day" in the HS...meet in my room by 2:45 PM...wear black...Nolan = team meal.
**Friday: no practice...what to wear in school = TBD...Homecoming parade/team float...more details to come!

Notes: (1) Congrats to Mikah for having been named by his peers as this upcoming week's alternate captain! (2) This week's team theme is "class" in that we take care of ourselves in the classroom, handle overall distractions, and showcase true character throughout! (3) We have two puzzle pieces on the line this week, gents! (4) Be aware of your newest set of "soccer responsibilities" coming up for this week. (5) Spend some time on hudl viewing footage and learning from it regarding our last game at Holland. An email message was sent from me not too long ago about such footage as well as Holland insights!

Ok, all! What a great week this is going to be. We can do it...all of it. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

3-1 Loss @ Unity

Despite the final scoreboard, it was another overall step in the right direction last night at Unity, guys!

Keep building...:)

Monday, September 19, 2016

2-1 Win @ Z. East

And we keep building......:)

Job well done today, all!

Can't wait to keep getting better in all that we do!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Upcoming Week

We've reached the halfway point of the regular season already, soccer fam! Time flies!

As a coach, I'm really looking forward to an even more fruitful latter half of the season for all involved--on and off the field.

Let's keep improving, supporting each other, focusing on success, and making it happen with our actions and words!

Here's the tentative schedule for this upcoming week:

Sunday: optional, informal team training??
Monday: game @ Zeeland East..."dress up" in school...meet in my room by 3 PM...Christian = team meal...wear black team shirts, etc.  Bus leaves at 4 PM.
Tuesday: 3-5 PM practice...wear gray...TEAM DINNER AT HUKILL'S AT 5:30 PM.
Wednesday: game @ Unity...what to wear in school = TBD...meet in my room by 3 PM...Noah = team meal...wear black...bus leaves at 3:45 PM.
Thursday: 3-5 PM practice...wear gray.
Friday: 3-430 PM practice with MS teams...WEAR THIS YEAR'S BLACK TEAM SHIRTS.

Notes: (1) Congrats to Bryce DeVries for having been named by his peers to be this coming week's alternate team captain due to his "physical toughness" as of late. (2) Night of Nets shirts will be available to players this coming Monday. More details at our team meeting in my classroom. (3) Hudl footage of Zeeland East is available online. Check out this season's Sept. 3 match between Z.E. and H.C. (4) Pay special attention to your newest "soccer responsibilities" for this upcoming week! (5) This week's team theme is "ENERGY": bring it each and every day in everything you do!

Big week ahead of us for a variety of reasons!

Let's do it!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

5-1 Win vs. Z.West

Feels good to accomplish a team goal, doesn't it???

Let's keep truckin' and all the while avoid COMPLACENCY at all costs! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Upcoming Week

Greetings, soccer fam! Hope all is well?

Lookin' forward to another great week of school and soccer...and our first full week of the school year! Excited?! :)  Make sure we're taking care of business in the classroom!

This week on the soccer field takes on a bit of extra special meaning as we have a chance to accomplish one of our three team goals revolving around our home match vs. Z. West on Wednesday: improving on our conference record from last season. Can't wait to see you guys do your very best to meet this challenge--on the practice field, on the game field, and in every other context imaginable! Keep training those minds and bodies for SUCCESS.

Here goes with the upcoming tentative schedule for the week:

**Monday: 3-5 PM practice...wear gray.
**Tuesday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black.
**Wednesday: home game vs. Z. West...wear gray...what to wear in school = TBD...Dylan = food/video...Bryce/George = ball boys...meet in my classroom by 3 PM.
**Thursday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black.
**Friday: 3-5 PM practice...wear gray.

Notes: (1) Congrats to Logan Hilldore for again being selected by his peers as this coming week's alternative captain for his mental toughness and communication skills. (2) After the boys voted on Friday to decide that we earned two "puzzle pieces" as a team, another two are on the line this coming week--one of them being a "re-do" from two weeks back! (3) Please constantly keep in mind that this week's team theme is PHYSICAL TOUGHNESS! (4) Stay tuned for another email with further explanation of our "Night of Nets" charity event slated for our home game vs. Hopkins on Oct. 5. (5) Boys! Soccer responsibilities on point this coming week! Plan ahead and get 'er done. :)

Let's take another few steps forward this week in all that we do, everyone! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

1-0 Loss to Holland Christian


We're getting closer. Let's work even harder! "Success" takes time and a whole lot of hard work. And I KNOW we have it in us.

See you tomorrow for practice!

4-4 Tie @ Byron Center

Way to fight back in the face of adversity, boys! Proud of that mentality. And yet let's not get in holes in the first place, yes??

On to the next one...

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last Week and This Upcoming Week!

Holiday weekend greetings, all! It's a beautiful day, and I hope you and yours are living it up. :)

Hey, a bit of a tough week for us this past week with a pair of defeats and a tie, but next week is a new week...and as always, we continue to move forward and re-focus on our personal/team goals!

Here's the tentative schedule for this coming week:

**Monday (Labor Day): 5-7 PM required practice...wear black.
**Tuesday (first day of school!): game @ Byron Center...what to wear in school = TBD...Caden = meal/video...meet in my classroom by 3 PM for team meal, etc. Wear gray. Bus leaves at 3:45 PM.
**Wednesday: practice 3-5 PM...wear black.
**Thursday: home game vs. Holland Christian...what to wear in school = TBD...Ryan/Mikah = ball boys...Riley = team meal/video...meet in my classroom by 3 PM...wear gray.
**Friday: practice 3-5 PM...wear black.

Notes: (1) Congrats to Caden for having been selected by his peers this past week as our alternate team captain for his "can do" attitude. (2) Check out hudl for last season's Byron Center footage (Sept. 23, 2015). You can also check out H.C./Z.East footage from THIS season that was shared with me recently! (3) Reminder that our team theme for this week is two-fold: COMMUNICATION and MENTAL TOUGHNESS combined. We can all do a better job...and we will! (5) We'll welcome back Ryan Blowers for Monday's practice! (6) Pay particular attention to your newest "soccer responsibility" roles for this coming week (shed, clean-up, etc.).

Let's all have a great end to our summer and an even greater start to a fresh school year. Remember that your role is "student" before "athlete" at all times! Hit the ground running. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Upcoming Week...and More!

Greetings on this stormy Saturday, all! I hope this note finds you all well and that the weekend is great.

We've got quite the monumental week coming up here: first OK Green conference games, three games total, and a chance to make some serious noise. :)

Here is the tentative schedule:

**Sunday: informal/optional team gathering???? Up to you guys...
**Monday: home game vs. Unity...wear gray and all white...meet in my classroom by 3 PM...Jacob Shelton = meal/video...Jacob Merrill/Will = ball boys (find subs!).
**Tuesday: practice 12:30-3:30 PM...wear black.
**Wednesday: game @ Holland...wear gray and all black...meet in my classroom by 3 PM...Seth = meal/video...bus leaves at 4 PM.
**Thursday: home game vs. Wayland Varsity game at 4:45 PM...wear black and all white...meet in my classroom by 2 PM...Brady = meal/video...Nolan/Logan= ball boys (find subs!).
**Friday: 9-noon practice...wear gray.
**The next Monday (LABOR DAY): required 5-7 PM practice...wear black.

Boys, we have a chance to do some things this season. This coming week will be a gauge as to where we're at as a team, with our team goals, with our personal goals, with our direction! Can't wait to see you guys meet challenges head on and proceed up (or down?!) that sand dune! :) DREAM BIG, BELIEVE IT, VISUALIZE IT....DO IT! :)

Notes: pay special attention to your newest "soccer responsibilities" coming up here this week (shed guys, practice set-up, etc.)...congrats to Riley Coffey for having been selected by his peers as this coming week's "alternate team captain"!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8-0 Win vs. Saugatuck

For the most part, way to take care of business today vs. Saugatuck, boys. Please ALWAYS remember to keep that competitive spirit alive and practice good soccer habits no matter the opponent!

On to the next one....and it's a big one: UNITY.

Let's do this.

1-0 Loss to Allegan

Gentlemen! Despite the "loss" on the scoreboard last evening, I really believe that we took a small step forward as a team and as a program. As you know, our program "mission statement" listed near the top of this page urges all of us to compete with any team on any given night...and to do it was class. I truly believe we accomplished both of those overall goals last night vs. a talented Allegan team. Job well done!

Now, on to our first home game of the season....BEAT SAUGATUCK!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

3-1 Win @ Black River...and More!

Coach checking in and hoping all is well on this crazy Saturday weather day!

Congrats again, boys, on the deserved opening night victory over Black River yesterday. Taking another step forward (and up on that sand dune) as a program, right??? :)

Now, we have our work cut out for us regarding our next opponent: Allegan. They are a pretty talented, athletic, and hard-working bunch that handled us this past season at our place. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT HUDL (2015-16 SEASON) AS FOOTAGE OF THAT GAME IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO VIEW.  I chatted with a fellow coach that scrimmaged Allegan a week ago, and here's his breakdown in brief (more from me Monday): diamond back four (with a deep sweeper), diamond in the midfield (?), VERY fast up front, very physical ("dirty"??), suspect defense overall, very solid goalkeeper. Overall, it'll be a dogfight! And we'll be able to handle the challenge, yes??

Random side notes: check out the "game recaps" link below and to the left if you care to review info/thoughts after a given game..."team goals" are updated to the left (already on our way to the first goal listed!)...congrats again to Henry Soerens, Brady Gilbert, and Seth Hukill for being selected by their peers yesterday as permanent team captains for the duration of this season...pay special attention to this coming week's "soccer responsibilities" for each group (shed guys, clean-up guys, "words" guys, etc.)...DO WE DESERVE A PIECE OF THE VISUAL PUZZLE THAT I BRIEFLY INTRODUCED TO YOU IN MY CLASSROOM? YES OR NO AND WHY?! 

Tentative schedule for this upcoming week:

**This Weekend: treat your bodies right, gents! Get some fitness in, rehab if needed, eat and drink right, visualize success, power pose it...pre-game practice on Monday!
**Monday: 9-noon training...wear black.
**Tuesday: game @ Allegan...meet in my classroom @ 3 PM...Ross = team meal/JV video...wear gray practice T...all black uniforms...bus leaves at 4 PM. 
**Wednesday: home game vs. Saugatuck...meet in my classroom at 3 PM...Jared = team meal/JV video...Nico/Vasha = JV game ball boys (find a sub for the second half of that game!)...wear black practice T...all white uniforms.
**Thursday: 9-noon training....wear gray.
**Friday: 9-noon training...wear black.

Good start, all, but the BEST IS YET TO COME! Visualize it, power pose it, love it. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Official Varsity Welcome!

Greetings, Hamilton boys varsity soccer fam! 
I hope you're all as excited and ready to rumble as us coaches from here on out!! We've good some great things cookin' this season, and we're pumped. 


Now on to some business matters during this first VERY BUSY and HUGELY IMPORTANT full week of the season. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions at all! 

Here goes:
Monday, Aug. 15...9-noon training. MEET IN MY CLASSROOM (room 111 in the high school) NO LATER THAN 9 AM THAT MORNING FULLY DRESSED EXCEPT FOR CLEATS ON YOUR FEET. Mikah and Bryce = Iron Man matters immediately after training.
Tuesday, Aug. 16...9-noon training (WEAR BLACK TOPS)...3-530 PM = required volunteer work...meet at the lower lot at the high school and wear Hamilton soccer gear and closed toed shoes.
Tuesday, Aug. 16...all fall sports parent meeting (no parent meeting on Monday as was previously scheduled) at Hamilton high school with new Athletic Director at 7 PM and then breakout sessions with specific sports immediately thereafter (JV in Coach L. Robinson's room and Varsity in my classroom).
Wednesday, Aug. 17...9-noon training...wear gray (NO W. Ottawa scrimmages)...TEAM PICS (home white uniforms) at the beginning of the training session. Required online concussion baseline training in the HS library at 1230 PM for JV and Varsity teams...lasting about 45 mins.???
Thursday, Aug. 18...9-noon training...wear black...REQUIRED team dinner at the Robinson household in Holland from 530 PM-7ish?? More details to come...
Friday, Aug. 19...first game of the season AT BLACK RIVER!! Meet in my classroom at 2 PM. Henry = pre-game meal/video of JV game. Bus leaves at 3 PM. JV plays at 4 PM. We play at 5:45 P.M. All players must ride the bus this season to and from away game venues.

Whew. Ok. Sorry, that's a lot. Will leave anything else for later! :)

Looking forward to starting this thing off on the right foot(s)! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Greetings to the New Boys Soccer Crop!

Coach T. Robinson checking in with a bunch of helpful info for this coming summer 2016 and beyond.

Thanks for your continued interest in Hamilton soccer!

We continue to be beyond excited to work with all of you. The future is a bright one!

Ok, here goes with some info:

**Check email for electronic versions of all items passed out at the recent soccer meeting.

**Check email also for Holland Summer Scrimmage schedule. You'll notice that the first scheduled Tuesday night contest is coming up quickly: Tuesday, June 14 at 5:30 PM (Holland Soccer Complex). We will NOT have Thursday AM training that week, but will do so the following week per the schedule!

**Free text reminder service for the summer: text "@jvvarsity" to the number 81010, and you're good to go! No need to do this again if you're already done it this past year.

**Important Dates to plan for:

     --July 25-28: Hamilton Soccer Camp
     --By Tuesday, Aug. 9: athlete physicals, insurance $, and signed code of
      --Wednesday, Aug. 10: first official day of tryouts/season!

That's it for now, all! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
And please remember that one year older does not make us one year better. In other words, let's keep improving and hit the ground running this summer!

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Season Schedule!

Please check out the link below and to the left in order to peruse the 2016 fall soccer schedule and plan accordingly ahead of time!

And we continue to move forward in ultra positive ways...  :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Season Wrap-up


Ok, boys, once again: thanks for a great season, thanks for the memories (especially from this past week), and thanks for being you's! :)

Was a PLEASURE to experience a bit of Hamilton history with you this past week. Hope you all had as much of a blast as I did!

Two important dates to keep in mind at this point:

**Tuesday (tomorrow): team meeting in my classroom from 3-4 PM. Bring ALL clean uniform items...warm-ups, both sets of jerseys, captain bands, backpacks, etc. Dylan and Christian, see you promptly right after your driver's ed. training.

**Tuesday, Nov. 3: Program-wide Dessert Banquet...6:30 PM in the high school cafeteria. Please dress nicely, bring a dessert to pass, and provide beverages/table settings for your family. Hope to see you all there, so that we can end this season in a fitting way heading into the off-season!

Let's keep this thing rollin' in a positive way, everyone!

Thanks again for all the hard work this season!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

4-1 Win vs. Wayland

Couldn't be much more proud of you guys! As mentioned already....

BUT...as also mentioned already: there's certainly room for me to be MORE proud when we win the District championship on Saturday. RIGHT?!!

Stay tuned for Plainwell video footage...

Let's keep striving and moving forward....     No complacency!

Practice tomorrow from 3-445ish.

Great job, guys! But we're not done...  :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3-1 Win @ T.K.


Survive and advance...and we move on!

Congrats on a job well done overall today in enemy territory.

This is only the beginning though, right?! RIGHT??

Back to work tomorrow to continue this thing on a positive path...


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Upcoming Week

Greetings, everyone! Hope the weekend has already been a great one.

HUGE week coming up this week on the soccer field for obvious reasons. Let's do some positive damage! We CAN do it!

See below for the schedule (some of it tentative):

**Monday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black.
**Tuesday: DISTRICT game at T.K. (7 PM)...what to wear in school = TBD...gray warm-up shirts...team meeting at 3:30 PM in my room (be fully dressed as we will quickly head out to the game field for a photo-shoot of sorts with Bryce's sister, Morgan)...pre-game meal in my room at 4:15 PM...bus leaves at 5 PM.

T.K. prep (based on hudl footage as well as...turf field (like Holland)...4-4-2...sub-par GK...back line shaky...defender takes goal kicks...decent central midfield players and forwards...forward attacking tandem a bit disjointed but creative with the ball...even with backs to the net. WE CAN WIN THIS GAME!

**Wednesday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black (tentative)
**Thursday: DISTRICT game at Plainwell (field turf) vs. Wayland (7 PM)...more details to come, but I would imagine a similar after-school schedule as Monday (tentative).
**Friday: 3-5 PM practice (tentative)
**Saturday: DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP AT PLAINWELL VS. ?? (7 PM)...(tentative)

Note: Congrats to Andrew Caswell for having been selected by his peers last week as this week's alternative captain. Well done, sir!

Also players, in addition to re-sent T.K. hudl footage, stay tuned for an individual email from yours truly regarding sincere thoughts on ways that YOU, yourself, can help the winning cause this coming week.

Take care, all, and let's keep fighting!

Friday, October 16, 2015

7-0 Loss to H.C.


All eyes on T.K.! The past is the past, and the great thing about post-season play is that every team in the state, NO MATTER THE PAST, is 0-0 currently. That should be invigorating for us from here on out!

What a great opportunity we have starting next Tuesday to leave positive marks on the season. Visualize, believe it, and make it happen!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

4-1 Loss to Byron Center


Mental toughness is extra key for us from here on out! I thought that may have been the biggest difference between us an our opponent last night. We're going to need a huge dosage of that tomorrow in our last home game of the season. And we can do it!

See you all for practice: another chance to get better.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Last Regular Season Week!

Greetings, all! What a beautiful weekend. Hope you're enjoying it with you and yours.

Please see below regarding our upcoming week's slate...our last regular season week! Time flies:

**Monday: game at B.Center (jv = 5 PM)...WEAR BLACK JERSEYS TO SCHOOL...meet on bus by 3:30 PM...will dine when we arrive at venue...Seth = meal/vid...wear gray practice t's.

B.C. prep reminders...3-5-2...weaker outside backs (attack 1 v.1 when applicable)...exploit space on the flanks...central midfield and forwards relatively strong...win the physical battles...win the "dead ball/set play" battles...WIN THE GAME!

**Tuesday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black...5:30 PM Team Dinner at Team Caswell! Check previous emails from Mr. Caswell for home address.

**Wednesday: last home game/PARENT NIGHT vs. H.C. (jv = 3:45 start)...what to wear in school = TBD...meet in my room by 3 PM...Andrew/Logan S. = ball boys...Bryce = meal (NO VID.)...wear gray practice t's...Parents, please meet no later than 5:15 PM by the scoreboard in preparation to walk out onto the game field and be announced over loudspeakers with your son(s). We will line up freshman players first to senior players last...# order within each grade level. Face the crowd in a line extended from the nearest goalpost to the fan sideline.

**Thursday: 3-5 PM practice...wear black.

**Friday: 3-5 PM practice...wear gray.

**Saturday: Cheer on MSU as they battle with UM in football at their place...GO GREEN! :)

Note: Congrats to Seth Hukill for having (again) been voted by his peers last Thursday as our upcoming alternate team captain for our last regular season week. Nice! 

Take care of yourselves this weekend, get your minds and bodies right for this upcoming (BIG) week, review our updated team goals, and continue to enjoy life!